Lincoln Aviator Concept PHEV with Advanced Technologies

New Cars for the Future – Lincoln Aviator Concept PHEV with Advanced Technologies

New cars for the future has introduced the mobility laced with futuristic technologies and advancements, and Lincoln has stood apart by bringing forward its three-row SUV, the Aviator concept. A plug-in hybrid powertrain with a rear-wheel-drive platform, the Lincoln has seriously decided to give a tough competition to the SUV segment.

New cars for the future by Lincoln are having realistic names and more impressive vehicles. Though not many details about the technology have been revealed about this crossover SUV, one can clearly see it was inspired by the Lincoln Navigator. Perfect for a family segment, this vehicle has enough capacity to deliver amazing rides.

Powered by a twin-turbo powertrain and including a plug-in hybrid option, Lincoln is ready to take on the crossover and hybrid vehicle market with this latest automotive creation. Good looks, powerful engines and futuristic technologies are enabling to be the 2018 Lincoln Aviator Concept a worthy buy.

Design Concept of the 2018 Lincoln Aviator Concept – New Cars for the Future

Revealed at the New York Auto Show2018, this three-row SUV showcases ultimate esteem and luxury from the first glance and continues to impress as the specifications are revealed. Lincoln is Ford’s luxury car brand and expecting a powerful yet luxurious vehicle by them is true in every sense.

Design of Lincoln Aviator Concept PHEV

The Aviator was produced from 2003 to 2005 as a body-on-frame SUV and later on discontinued. But the space created in the lineup was never filled until now. The 2018 Lincoln Aviator Concept is built on a rear-wheel-drive platform and delivers a powerful performance. Whereas it was designed to be a four-wheel-drive SUV and thus one can clearly see the design flexible enough to support the 4WD. The same platform is shared with the upcoming Explorer as well and the Aviator Concept is the first vehicle to be built on this platform.

The Lincoln’s new cars for the future revealed at the NYIAS 2018, the Aviator Concept is the production model which is expected to be on sale by the next year.

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Exterior Design

The design of the new cars for the future, including the Lincoln Aviator Concept, is made to look appealing and attractive. The luxury filled styling of this concept SUV, fast-fall roofline, and sculpted sides look tapered and appealing. A more upright and refined grille on the front is made to make it more charming, attractive and elegant. The vehicle falls in the 5-passenger segment but visually it is built to make look masculine and aggressive without compromising on the performance. The personification of the brand reflects the evolution of the Lincoln and how it came up to the level.

Exterior of Lincoln Aviator Concept PHEV

200 inches long wheelbase, proper dash-to-axle design proportions and delivers a 50/50 weight distribution, it has enough power and going to have a great towing capacity. The elegant design and beauty look striking and luxurious. The quad tailpipes are meant to look tough and attractive.

Interior Details

A 30-way adjustable driver’s seat with an improved massage function, a new steering wheel, and a 12–inch standard cluster display make the interior look more luxurious. The dual cockpit is not there anymore but a single flowing cockpit has taken the place and give more space in the inside. Below the center stack is found a large flow-through storage area which provides more space for the passenger convenience. A bin is found inside the cabin to store the phones and devices and a wireless phone charging is also fitted near the armrest to charge your phone. Multiple power outlets and standard Wi-Fi is there to charge your phone with convenience. It has three rows and 5-passenger capacity.

Interior of Lincoln Aviator Concept PHEV

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Performance Attributes and Technological Specifications – New Cars for the Future

When it comes to performance, Ford’s luxury car brand, Lincoln has not compromised on it and tried to take on the environment-friendly car market by offering style, luxury and high performance at one place. The complete technological and performance details are not revealed yet, so we do not know whether this will be a V6 or not, but definitely will be Lincoln’s first Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle and that an SUV. The unibody platform lets the Aviator ride on an AWD/Rear-drive and Lincoln’s Suspension Preview. It will also have a forward-looking camera to provide better driveability and scan the road. This will help to adjust the suspension accordingly.

Some other prominent performance features include a Co-Pilot 360 with pedestrian detection, lane-keeping assist and blind-spot warning. The list does not end here, as the new cars for the future have futuristic convenience technologies too, providing ultimate comfort and control when you are inside this vehicle. The Lincoln Aviator Concept will also debut the “Phone as a Key” technology by Lincoln that lets you start, lock and unlock the car with the help of your smartphone through the Lincoln Way App.


As the crossover SUV market has grown in past few years and also PHEV technology taking over the market like a storm, Lincoln has entered into the both by introducing its Aviator Concept. Which is most likely to hit the car markets by next year. Seeing the two-box shape, Navigator-esque styling and interior, this masculine SUV has to offer a lot. The Aviator Concept is one of its own kind in new cars for the future in midsize and premium three-row crossover SUVs’ segment.

Price of Lincoln Aviator Concept PHEV

The car enthusiasts around the world are expecting this crossover to be what it has been shown in concept, as the flowing lines, disparate elements and the masculine styling combined with PHEV technology and a rear-wheel drive makes it look very appealing. From exterior to interior, the perforated leather and the charcoal grey trim is a treat to the eyes. Lincoln has not given it any name decidedly as it will be 2019 or 2020 model but it is rumoured to be all set to reach the production units soon.