Electric Car Concept - Nissan BladeGlider Concept with Superior Performance

Electric Car Concept – Nissan BladeGlider Concept with Superior Performance

Nissan BladeGlider is an electric car concept that was seen for the first time in 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The vehicle was built in a joint venture between Renault-Nissan Alliance. They created this machine with cutting-edge technologies and offers all-electric performance with zero emission that is capable of giving adrenaline-inducing speed to the driver. A prototype having all the required equipment for open roads has two electric motors of 130-kW with a highly impressive interior giving a more high-performance look to this concept car.

The all-electric drivetrain of this vehicle combines Intelligent Mobility and driving capabilities of a sports car to offer a thrilling performance with an environment-friendly impact. The President and CEO of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn calls it an “electric vehicle for car-lovers.”

Initially, the companies claimed it might enter the showrooms, but later on, the plan was changed. After two years of its unveiling, another prototype was based on the first concept. The BladeGlider V2 is the advanced prototype that was expected by enthusiasts to become a production-ready model.

Car enthusiasts find this vehicle similar in wheelbase and width to a Nissan Leaf or Ford Focus, but having the capabilities of a sports car and a 1,300kg shift making it more like a racecar-esque vehicle.

Williams Advanced Engineering developed the powertrain of the BladeGlider. The top speed of this vehicle is 118mph and can reach the 0-60mph in less than 5 seconds.

The fascinating design and functionality of the machine let the driver experience an amazing ride. Much like other electric vehicles, the Nissan BladeGlider also features futuristic technologies to offer a more comfortable and entertaining ride experience.

It has linear and instant acceleration, once the driver crosses 20mph speed the acceleration of the vehicle become quicker.

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Design of the Nissan BladeGlider Electric Car Concept

This open-top and pointy-nosed concept coupe houses two batteries and a cooling system inside the vehicle and it is especially designed for it. Instead of rear-view mirrors, the coupe has a camera for a more futuristic design of this concept car. The cameras are behind the front wheels and the captured live feed is shown on the display screen on the centre console.

Design of the Nissan BladeGlider Electric Car Concept


Nissan BladeGlider electric car concept might not look like a conventional car because it’s not meant to be like one. The design is supposed to minimize the air resistance, look more like previous Nissan vehicles and provide some design features that were found to be in previous vehicles.

With an almost beak-like nose, it has a pointy front which is narrower as compared to the rear side of the vehicle. It includes silver strips forming a V-Motion grille which is the defining characteristic of Nissan styling aesthetics.

Exterior of the Nissan BladeGlider Electric Car Concept

The car looks narrow from the front but as soon as you look at it from the sides, it is wider. The profile of this electric car concept has dual-tone paint scheme. On the rear side, the white paint extends towards to the front and over the flat black.

Design and styling of this EV concept are incredibly cool. It has sharp and squared-off tail taillights units with dual-tone colours. Also, there’s a glossy mesh which has filled the gaps between striking body lines of the car.

The Nissan BladeGlider has an aluminum body that weighs 1,300kg  and it is 4,300mm in length, 1,850mm in width, 1,300mm in height and the wheelbase is 2,800mm. The front and rear wheels have equal weight distribution so that all four tyres face the same level of wear and tear.

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The interior of this high-speed electric sports car is luxurious just like the exterior. The cockpit is designed in a way so that the driver’s seat is in the middle, which allows him to be near the center of gravity of the vehicle. This helps the driver to know if the rear or front wheels lose the grip and the driver gets enough time to correct the trajectory of the vehicle.

Interior of the Nissan BladeGlider Electric Car Concept

The 3-seater interior seems to be very driver-focused and resembles the layout of McLaren F1. It has four-point harnesses and the seats are upholstered with epoxy resin, designed to give the occupants a comfortable ride experience.

Technology and Performance Attributes

The 200kW electric motor can generate power equivalent to 268bhp and could approximately produce 521 lb-ft of torque.

In 4.8 seconds, this car can reach up to 0-62mph with the top speed of 115mph. The zero carbon emission technology makes this car eco-friendly too. The driver can take pleasure from the ride of this racecar-esque electric car without being guilty of damaging the environment.

With rear-wheel drive, this electric car can be a strong competitor to many other famous cars in this segment. Though much of the details, features and specifications are not made public yet, with a futuristic design, its technologies are expected to be futuristic too.

It comes with outclass handling, weight distribution and braking functionality that enhances the excitement associated with driving a race car.  It has great weight distribution which makes it ideally quick and efficient whether it is standing still or in motion.  As the rear is wider than the front, it gives amazing speed and acceleration with wider rear tires which result in more traction and better grip.

The two lithium-ion batteries are sitting between rear tyres, due to which the vehicle gets more support for the heavier rear. Almost 70% of the car’s weight is on rear tyres and launches the car with high efficiency.

Handling capability of this car is considered as the most remarkable and impressive features. With a narrow front and wide rear, it seems difficult for a car to get superior handling, but electric car concept BladeGlider’s design allows less weight to be placed on front wheels. The reason behind better handling is tires, which provide more grip to the super wide rear body and front body.

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As the market for sports cars and electric sports cars has a tough competition, no doubt Nissan has come up with a better technology and a concept which seems to be functional yet thrilling to drive. The prototype is not expected to hit the showrooms in near future, but it could possibly be a reality if the company decides it.

Nissan BladeGlider Electric Car Concept

It is a misconception that electric cars are dull and are not exciting to drive, thus making them not a big hit among car enthusiasts. The BladeGlider electric car concept has ended this misconception and perfectly fits the purpose of providing an aggressive drive with a battery powered car without doing any harm to the environment. Nissan’s new concept car is fast, aggressive, and genuinely depicts the image of a true EV with race car capacities.