Cars in Future – Audi Q8 concept SUV with Next-Gen Technologies and Robust Performance

Cars in future are expected to be highly advanced, comfortable and efficient while saying this the Audi Q8 concept comes into the mind. The concept was presented first time ever at the American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in 2017 and has been under discussion for its unique design and capabilities. This is a full-size SUV having a coupe-like roofline and capabilities that offer optimum comfort and safety to the driver. Being a robust and classic sports utility vehicle, the brand tried its best to bring the most out of this vehicle.

An SUV with a futuristic and purposeful design having prestigious lines and curves with an efficient plug-in hybrid technology. The Q8 has everything to make it a best-in-class when it comes to buying a performance driven SUV with advanced technologies. Audi Q8 concept is a flagship SUV now with 4×4 capabilities and is available for production. Giving some major competition to the other SUVs in the segment, Audi brought this concept last year and put it in production line soon after revealing it.

Here are some more details on the features, specifications and performance of this cars in future concept having enough dough to impress the SUV enthusiasts around the world.

Design of the Audi Q8 Concept

A full-size SUV with having the appeal of cars in future, a longer wheelbase and spacious interior. The Q8 Concept has an interior which could fit in passengers and luggage without causing any trouble. Thanks to the luxury lounge for four which has space, style and all the luxury which is expected from the Audi. It is said that the Audi Q8 concept is in the peak form of Audi having all those capabilities, luxuries and technologies which are expected from cars in future. The innovation and uniqueness do not end here, but the new and better connectivity offered by Audi is the future of cars introduced in this production model concept.


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An impressive front fascia containing a distinguishing octagonal Single frame honeycomb grille makes the front more unique and appealing. Having a wider stance and aluminium blades at the bumper’s bottom edge look very distinctive. The aerodynamic exterior showcases wedge-shaped flat headlights which are left open and looks like they are handing in the space. The lithium-ion battery is mounted in the centre, while the x shaped blue laser light signature headlight with digital Matrix laser technology to constituting high and low beams.


The side view of this concept is equally mesmerising like the front fascia and the lines flowing upwards and moving to the rear side looks very appealing. The Quattro logo on the exterior mirrors and below the doors marks the premium outlook of the Audi and reflects the design language of this concept SUV. Cars in future are expected to have a design that is significant and is built for a purpose, such is the case with the Audi Q8 concept SUV, and there are no window frames on the door, while the doors can be opened by a touch sensor.

Moreover, the rear side of cars in future reflect a whole new definition of exterior aesthetics and the designers at Audi kept this in mind very well. The extremely flat rear window is shaded by a long roof edge spoiler shade. While an e-Tron light signature like light strip is extending over the rear’s entire width.


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Interior shift-by-wire-lever

The interior of the Audi Q8 concept has a spacious interior which compliments the athletic exterior in every way. Having enough capacity to seat 4 adults and luggage compartment having 630 litres capacity, one can expect a lot from this production model concept SUV. Just like the exterior, the interior also has widely stretched lines that elegance and makes the cockpit more futuristic. A shift-by-wire-lever with on the console enables the driver to control 8-speed Tiptronic transmission. This SUV in cars in future segment has a sailing yacht resembling appearance which makes it look elegant.


Audi Q8 concept SUV has sports seats and two seats at the rear making a separate room for the passengers. Not only the interior and exterior, but even the technologies are innovatively designed to provide optimum comfort to all the occupants. The materials and colours used for the interior provide a sporty and cool ambience to the interior, seats wrapped in Fine Nappa leather and Nubuck leather combination in pastel silver colour. Also, the new Audi Q8 has a control and display concept, a virtual cockpit showing all the essential information just on the touch at the augmented display. A 12.3-inch TFT display shows maps and all essential information to the driver for a better driving experience.


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Performance of the Audi Q8 Concept – Cars in Future

Having cars in future with the utmost powerful performance, the Audi Q8 does not disappoint the enthusiasts. It has 700 Nm of torque capability with a highly efficient plug-in hybrid 330 kW system with the best-in-class suspension and drive system. All the performance and drive system technologies were of production level thus making it a more realistic SUV. The electric motor fitted in the Audi Q8 concept generates a 243.4 lb-ft. or torque and 100 kW power, and is integrated with an 8-speed Tiptronic transmission which increases the torque up to 516.3 lb-ft.


It can sprint from 0 to 100 Km/h in mere 5.4 seconds and has a top speed of 250 Km/h. being a plug-n hybrid, cars in future are expected to be more fuel efficient and environment-friendly. Moreover, this SUV lives up to the expectations and consumes 2.3 litres per 100 kilometres and a 53 grams CO2 emission. A full charge of the lithium-ion battery for a 7.2 kW output takes only 2.5 hours and has an electric range of 60 kilometres, paired with the TFSI engine it gives output up to 1,000 kilometres.

There are many other intelligent drive technologies which help to offer a smooth and flexible drive on road. This off-road hulk has the capacity to deal with all terrains and the hybrid management system control the SUV even on challenging road conditions without harming the environment. Audi drive select system will let the driver controls operated via prismatic satellite button placed on the flat-bottomed steering wheel. Which is similar to a start-stop system, also it has prismatic satellite button three driving modes which are EV, Hybrid and Battery Hold, giving an ultimate performance on the cars in future’s new entry.



The Audi Q8 concept is the latest flagship SUV of the brand which was launched recently and available for sale. Having some uplifts and changes this off-roader has sleek lines of a coupe and muscular exterior. The cars in future coming to the market has this Audi SUV’s name on the list with a highly dynamic and capable SUV. It is also available in an SUV and Coupe-like SUV with a performance making it best in the segment and a high contender for modern SUVs coming in the market.