Concept of Mazda Shinari Car

5 All Time Amazing Mazda Concept Cars

Do you know about top Mazda concept cars? If not, we are here to tell you about five most amazing concept cars from Mazda till date. Concept cars are prototypes brought into the auto shows to present the future production models of various cars. Concept cars are the face of future technologies in all vehicles. These cars also demonstrate pre-designed engineering models of the vehicle which will be coming to the market in a year or more. The purpose of unveiling concept cars is to grab customer and market attention towards company’s innovative vehicles.

Following are five most amazing Mazda Concept Cars

Mazda Nagare

This concept car was launched in 2006 as Mazda’s first car model depicting entirely new design sense. It had total four seats in it and the driver’s seat was placed in center and doors were in butterfly design. At rear, there was a wraparound lounge and it had hydrogen- fuelled rotary engine. It received flowing lines and creases along the franks.

Mazda Concept Cars Nagare

Mazda Ryuga

The overall design of Mazda Ryuga took inspiration from nature. The car was depiction of artistic looks and natural sculpture featuring side surfaces inspired from Japanese dry gardens and head lamps capture design of a leaf with falling dew drops. It was powered with 2.5L Mazda E85/petrol flex- fuel engine. We can say it was a more developed concept of Mazda Nagare.

Mazda Ryuga concept

Mazda Furai

This racing concept car was unveiled in 2007. Mazda Furai received finest racing shape and it had a monocoque chassis along with light weight carbon fiber components providing extra energy and great power to its drive. This concept car had 450bph rotary engine that ran on E100 ethanol.

Furai Mazda Concept Car

Mazda Taiki

Mazda Taiki came up with an enlarged 1.6L rotary engine providing great power to this concept car. This stylish car model had curvaceous shape and it was revealed in 2007 at Tokyo Motor Show. The design of rear wheel drive sports concept car takes inspiration from celestial maiden’s robes. The large curvy grille design depicted air flow.

Mazda Taiki Concept

Mazda Shinari

Mazda Shinari was a four door sports coupe concept car. It had four seats and was revealed in 2010. The car got designed in a manner that demonstrated highly developed muscles of a lean body. The head lights design of car received very sharp looks which provide it an overall aggressive appearance.

Concept of Mazda Shinari Car