5 Concept Vehicles by Mercede

5 Concept Vehicles by Mercedes-Benz to Shape the Car Market

Mercedes-Benz is a famous car brand known to produce unique and technologically advanced vehicles. The popular car brand has designed a few extraordinary concept vehicles that showcase its vision of future vehicles. These vehicles are fully electric and come equipped with cutting-edge technologies that attract car enthusiasts.

With a vision to bring revolution in the automotive industry, Mercedes-Benz has designed unique electric concept vehicles. The entire generation of these electric concept vehicles aims at improving commuting and opening new ventures for motorists. The Concept EQ series by the brand is the harbinger of the new EQ technology. Likewise, the other electric concept vehicles designed by the brand entirely run-on electric motors and offer efficient performance.

Here are five unique concept vehicles designed by Mercedes-Benz that aim at changing the automotive industry forever.


The VISION AVTR is an advanced concept vehicle designed by Mercedes-Benz. The vehicle has a coupe shaped body and an interior that provides seating to up to two occupants. The exterior of the vehicle has been designed to leave a lasting impression on the onlookers, thanks to its flowing lines and unique wheels.

The interior of the VISION AVTR has been ergonomically designed and features advanced technologies. The vehicle comes fitted with vegan DINAMICA leather seats for enhanced comfort of the occupants. The cabin of the VISION AVTR has a curved display module that shows real-time 3D graphics. The centre console features a control unit that works on digital neurons system when an occupant places his hand over it.

The VISION AVTR comes equipped with four individually controllable motors that generate a combined power of more than 350 kW. The innovative all-wheel-drive system of the vehicle perfectly combines with torque vectoring to deliver an efficient performance. Each wheel of the concept electric vehicle can be driven individually depending on the driving situation. With a single charge, the vehicle offers a range of more than 700 kilometres.


Mercedes-Benz has always stood for fascination, responsibility, and technical innovation. The VISION EQS is a concept vehicle that is an outlook on the future of the car brand.

The exterior of the vehicle demands a second look, thanks to its “one bow” design. The concept vehicle comes fitted with 24-inch multi-spoke wheels that accentuate its athletic profile. At the rear, the VISION EQS has 229 individual LED stars that enhance its presence for other commuters. The front fascia of the vehicle is dominated by the black-panel LED matrix grille that carries the iconic Mercedes badge. The concept vehicle features Digital Light headlamps to provide an excellent view of the road and its surroundings to the driver.


The interior of the VISION EQS has been designed to provide seating to up to 4 occupants. It has crystal white DINAMICA microfibre seats in the cabin. The side sills feature artificial leather that enhances the luxury appeal of the cabin.

The VISION EQS comes equipped with a high-performance power unit that is capable of producing a combined power of 350 kW. With this power unit, the vehicle can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds. With a single charge, the VISION EQS has a range of up to 700 kilometres.

Concept EQ

The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ is an electric SUV that is the future vehicle of the famous car brand. The Concept EQ is powered by two electric motors that produce a combined power of 300 kW. With this powertrain, the vehicle can go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. The batteries of the vehicle can be charged within just 10 minutes and have a range of up to 500 kilometres.


Designed with the ambition to turn heads, the concept vehicle has a glowing black bonnet that accentuates its bold appeal. The panoramic roof of the vehicle enhances its luxury appeal.

The Concept EQ has a driver-oriented cabin that features a large 24-inch wide-screen display. The cabin comes fitted with four seats that feature avant-grade seat upholstery.

Concept EQA

The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA is an all-electric concept hatchback. The concept vehicle comes equipped with two powerful electric motors that can generate a combined output of over 200 kW. The vehicle can be fully charged in less than 10 minutes and provide a range of up to 400 kilometres. With this powertrain, the Concept EQA can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.0 seconds.

Design-wise, the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA looks elegant yet athletic from every angle. The exterior of the vehicle features smooth and flowing lines that accentuate its elegant profile. At the rear, the vehicle features spiral-shaped lights to enhance its presence for other commuters. It features a black panel with integrated LED matrix at the front. The virtual radiator grille of the vehicle can completely change in appearance.

Vision EQ Silver Arrow

Mercedes-Benz unveiled its Vision EQ Silver Arrow Concept at the Monetary Car Week in 2018. The concept vehicle is designed to pay homage to the brand’s record-breaking W 125 car from 1937.

The exterior of the Vision EQ Silver Arrow has a silver colour that looks sporty from every angle. The continuous lighting strip at the front enhances the aggressive appeal of the vehicle. The free-standing multi-spoke wheels, rear diffuser, and two extendible rear spoilers augment the sporty appeal of the vehicle.

The interior of the Vision EQ Silver features saddle brown genuine leather on the seat and steering wheel that enhance its luxury appeal. The cabin of the vehicle features one seat that makes it look unique. A large panoramic screen with 3D image makes the cabin of the vehicle driver centric.

The Vision EQ Silver comes equipped with a thin rechargeable battery that delivers an output of 550 kW. With a single charge, the vehicle has a range of over 400 kilometres.

Key Takeaways!

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most famous car brands around the world that is popular for manufacturing technologically advanced vehicles. The concept vehicles designed by the brand are the future of the automotive industry. These above-mentioned electric concept vehicles are capable of delivering efficient performance and come equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. Once introduced in the car market, these concept vehicles will change the outlook of the automotive industry forever.