10 Amazing Concept Cars of Modern Era

10 Amazing Concept Cars of Modern Era

A range of best concept cars have been manufactured by famous car brands in the modern era that are equipped with cutting edge technologies. Concepts cars are produced by the automakers to introduce exclusive designs and future automotive technologies. These cars and concepts are for attracting the car enthusiasts to see how they respond to the futuristic designs and technologies.

Concepts cars are packed with striking design elements, and state-of-the-art features to leave a lasting impression on car enthusiasts. In addition, motor car concepts also try to unravel new technologies to use renewable sources and fully electric options. Some of the most imaginative designs and futuristic technologies are packed in the listed concept cars. With unique exterior designs and luxurious interiors, these future cars leave a lasting impression.

Let us find here all about some amazing concept cars of the modern era that feature a range of future automotive technologies and exclusive designs.

Mercedes-Benz: VISION AVTR (Avatar-inspired Concept Car)

The avatar inspired concept car designed by Mercedes-Benz offers a glimpse into futuristic automotive technologies. The VISION AVTR accommodates two occupants and come with a coupe shaped body. The exterior and interior of the vehicle display a unique fusion of nature, human and machine. The iconic wheels and flowing lines on this concept car’s exterior refer to the creatures from the movie Avatar. Similarly, the interior of the vehicle has been distinctively designed and packed with advanced technologies such as center console that works on digital neurons system, a curved display module showing real-time 3D graphics. Among the best concept cars, the VISION AVTR has been powered by an organic electric battery technology that offers a range of more than 700kms with a single charge.


BMW Concept i4 (Pure-electric Coupe)

The BMW has for the first time introduced a pure-electric gran coupe with the launch of the Concept i4. This concept vehicle comes with a rose-gold paint, while offering a perfect fusion of sustainability and sportiness to car enthusiasts. The much-awaited vehicle takes the driving experience to a next level, all thanks to cutting edge automotive technologies and unique features. The exterior and interior of the vehicle come with a range of unique elements that will feature in BMW future models. The four-door coupe offers a blend of dynamic styling, and modern technologies to make the BMW i4 one of the best concept cars.

BMW Concept i4

MINI Vision Urbanaut (A Visionary Electric Car)

The all-new MINI Vision Urbanaut is a futuristic EV that has a unique and versatile interior. The exterior of one of the most visionary concept cars shows a purist mono-volume design. On the other hand, the inside cabin is a reminiscent of a living room, while combining it with a minimal footprint feature. The vehicle offers several ranges to car enthusiasts while commuting. There are three options to choose from such as vibe, chill and wanderlust to display pleasurable driving experiences. The MINI Vision Urbanaut can create an ideal place for users to spend quality time with family, work or simply relax.


Hyundai Prophecy EV (A Concept Car with Pixelated Headlamps)

The Hyundai Prophecy EV has been designed with the signature design philosophies of optimistic futurism and sensuous sportiness. The all-new vehicle showcases a unique bonding between human needs and automotive technologies. The iconic silhouette of the Hyundai Prophecy has been enhanced by the extended wheelbase and pristine surfaces. This is among the best concept cars that comes with pixelated headlights and taillights which will likely appear as signature design element in Hyundai future models.

Hyundai Prophecy

Tesla Roadster Safari (A Modified Concept Car)

The Tesla Roadster Safari is a modified concept car by a Los angeles-based concept artist Bradbuilds that introduce a futuristic vehicle when there is an apocalypse breakout. The visionary electric vehicle with a matte black finish offers essential modifications required for survival such as grille guards, heavy duty tires and a solar panel. The exterior of the concept car displays a striking combination of Porsche standard aesthetics and renderings of a Tesla Roadster.

Tesla Safari Roadster

Porsche Vision Renndienst (An electric Mini Van)

This electric Mini Van from Porsche has been designed in the brand’s published book. The famous automaker has offered 15 different exclusive visions and highlighting their designing process. Some of these futuristic visons include finished models ready for series production and drawings as well. One of the visionary designs of the concept cars is the Porsche Vision Renndienst that was produced in 2018. This electric Mini Van can accommodate six occupants and giving a car concept of a family-friendly space.

porsche vision renndienst

Renault MORPHOZ (Futuristic Concept Car)

The all-new Renault MORPHOZ is the French automaker’s personal vision of futuristic electric mobility. The vehicle has been designed to display a fusion of a coupe, SUV and saloon to offer an innovative and sustainable mobility choice to car enthusiasts. According to the needs of the motorist, the vehicle is capable of adapting different range, shape and size. One of the best concept cars can be easily transformed into two different modes of travel and city. The ‘travel’ option can expand its length to 4.80m to accommodate added capacity for long distance commuting. Whereas the city option comes with a 4.40m in length that is most convenient for day-to-day journeys.


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MA-DE Studio Fiat 126 (All-electric Version)

The Fiat‘s classic 126 model has been remodeled by the design studio MA-DE with an all-electric car concept for the 21st century. The latest version of the Fiat 126 has the original car design with an updated rounded and smooth surface shape. The stylistic elements of the vehicle include the squared headlights and rear roof tapering to accentuate the waistline of the Fiat’s electric version.

MA-DE fiatclassic 126 model 1

Samir Sadikhov Tesla Cybertruck (Minivan Hybrid Version)

The Tesla Cybertruck has been reimagined as a minivan by the automotive designer Samir Sadikhov.  This concept car has been inspired by the celebrated car designer Curt Brubaker who has impacted the recent models of Tesla vehicle. The car concept of this Tesla tries to bring out the cybertruck aesthetics of low-poly, angular and slightly sharp edges towards a softer monocoque of a minivan. The rear of the vehicle offers extra capacity with a single sliding door, whereas the vehicle offers a cuboid-shaped minivan configuration. There is also original’s metallic finish of the Tesla Cybertruck enhanced by the wooden bumpers at the front and rear.

samir sadikhov cybertruck

Karma SC2 Concept (1100-HP All-electric Hyper-car)

The last of the best concept cars is an all-electric Karma SC2 that offers the brand’s future automotive technologies and design philosophies. The pure-electric car delivers an outstanding 1100hp with a top speed from 0 to 60mph (97 km/h) in just 1.9 seconds. The vehicle has been powered by twin electric motors that generate 800 kw peak power, with 14,000 Nm of wheel torque. The impressive range of 325 miles is enabled by the 120-kWh battery pack, Karma torque vectoring gearbox, push-rod operated racing suspension and carbon ceramic brakes.

karma SC2

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Concept cars offer a glimpse into the future technologies in the automotive industry and unique design elements. All the afore-mentioned concept cars have been designed to deliver impressive performance and come packed with cutting-edge technologies.