Privacy Policy is a news blog that gives you high-quality editorials related to concept cars. Our blog maintains a good reputation for quality content and reliable information and to maintain best standards, all the information provided here is supervised and cross checked by an expert editorial team. Any kind of information provided to Concept Cars UAE by readers is maintained under high privacy standards.

Our Privacy Policy

Private information of readers is well-managed at Concept Cars UAE and we keep good measure of its privacy. All kind of data or user information provided here will remain confidential under our of privacy policy. It will not be shared with any third party for any purpose.

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All the information provided by users of this website e.g. name, e-mail, phone number or address etc. will remain confidential. Here at Concept Cars UAE, we strictly follow the privacy ethics and for the confidentiality of the user data and information which is provided to us. The user data will not be used for promotional or marketing reasons. Until you subscribe to our updates or newsletter, you will not receive any updates, email or messages from us.

How Your Data is collected and used:

The data given by users is collected using Google Analytics. Users can opt out of this by using google ads settings. Google Analytics shares all the demographic data of users, and through changing the settings one’s demographic information will not be visible to us. We maintain high-end user data privacy and will not show your name, e-mail, age, gender or other information to any third party organization. The data gathered by Google Analytics helps to develop our blog and we can match reader interests with our content too to make it more efficient.