Volkswagen Plugin Hybrid SUV

Volkswagen to Launch a Plugin Hybrid SUV Concept at Beijing Auto Show

The famous automobile company Volkswagen is all set to launch its concept plugin hybrid SUV at the Beijing Auto Show. As many as four teaser images of the concept were released recently by the company to build anticipation for its latest concept vehicle. The concept vehicle is expected to pave the way for Volkswagen to launch its next generation Touareg. The car is expected to have the most advanced digital as well as mechanical features and the engine performance will be increased with the hybrid SUV concept. The SUV will give best off-road performance and will be equally good for on road city drive.

The Powertrain in the Plugin Hybrid SUV Concept:

Going by the information so far revealed by the company, the new concept will be based on plugin hybrid technology. Nothing much about the components of the hybrid powertrain has been revealed. The proposed horsepower of 376 and torque of 516 Pound Feet certainly means that the engine will have much more capacity and agility. The power is not changed from the existing touareg but the torque is massively increased. Volkswagen says that the strong SUV will hit 62 in mere 6.0 seconds and deliver the top speed of 139mph. Along with these stunning speed and performance attributes, 78mpg will be its mileage capacity on fuel and 31 miles with the electric power on a whole.

Plugin Hybrid SUV Concept

Digital Features of the Concept

A lounge style interior will be installed in this high-tech SUV Concept which will have a symbiotic digital system for infotainment and instruments. According to information revealed by the company, the concept SUV will have enhanced levels of elegance in its design and exterior built. The sporty appeal will also be added to the SUV for more eye-grabbing impression.

Features of the Volkswagen SUV Concept

Press Release by Volkswagen for its Latest SUV Concept

The press release from the manufacturer gave everyone reasonable information of the new Plugin Hybrid SUV concept to be launched at the Beijing Auto Show.

The press release revealed following about the vehicle:

  • The concept will be the most advanced and luxurious SUV in the world
  • The luxury of an SUV will be blended with Sporty Touch
  • Digital operations of an SUV will be taken to a new and expanded level
  • The Lounge Style interior system will be one of its own kinds
  • The High torque Capabilities and consistent horsepower will make distinguishing in the SUV class

Latest Plugin Hybrid SUV

The world certainly waits for this wonderful SUV Plugin Hybrid Concept from Volkswagen and the level for expectations is rising all the time. Going by the revealed features so far, it is surely going to be one classy and high performance SUV from Volkswagen.