Three Concept Cars That Could Change the Future

Three Concept Cars That Could Change the Future

Different automobile companies are producing concept cars that offer innovative technologies, stylish designs, high power engines, and modern safety features. Since the first ever car concept designed by Harley Earl of General Motors, the car industry has gone through revolutionary phases that have changed its look.

Concept cars are designed to provide enhanced performance to meet the future demands of car enthusiasts. These cars offer eye-catching designs with stylish exteriors and luxury interiors that are made with expensive materials range from refined alloys to carbon fibre. When it comes to engine, these cars offer high powered engines that are engineered to provide an efficient performance. Similarly, they offer such advanced technologies and modern safety features that amaze the car buyers.

Designing a concept car does not mean that it will reach its production unit because a large number of concept cars have been designed by leading automobile companies whose production so far has not been materialized. However, these leading automobile companies have produced some of their concept cars that have changed the look of the car market.

This article will review some of the amazing concept cars that have been designed by different car companies, for example, Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW, etc. All of these best concepts cars have such impressive designs that, if produced, will surely change the view of car enthusiasts about the future cars.

Lamborghini Asterion – An Embodiment of Concept Cars

Lamborghini is a luxury Italian Car Brand that has produced some of the very best vehicles for its customers since its inception in 1963. By following its traditions, Lamborghini Asterion is a two-door coupe that offers advanced technologies to compete in the future car market. It will be the first ever hybrid car by Lamborghini when it will reach its production unit. The concept of this car was revealed at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.

Lamborghini Asterion - An Embodiment of Concept Cars

Lamborghini Estoque is a luxury coupe that is capable of delivering an enhanced performance with very low carbon emissions. In this era of global warming, this concept car can prove itself a huge success. It has a very stylish exterior design that explains its aerodynamic stance. Large air-intakes are fitted in its front and rear that deliver it an excellent balance during the ride. Its front and rear frames are made with aluminium that make its body very light-weight, which provide it an impressive performance at top speed. The available 20” front and 21’ rear alloy wheels, deliver it an excellent grip on the road.

Lamborghini has provided the information about its engine. Asterion is a plug-in hybrid and comes with a 5.2-litre 10-cylinder engine that is paired with three lithium ion batteries. This engine produces an amazing 602 horsepower and the electric batteries produced a combined 296 horsepower. It has a top speed of 320 Km/h that reduces to 125 Km/h when it runs solely on electric batteries. It provides an enhanced 4.1-litre per 100 Km of fuel-efficiency that makes it best among the concept cars.

Lamborghini Asterion is an amazing coupe that offers a stylish design, a fuel-efficient engine, and a combination of advanced technologies and modern safety features. However, the price of this concept car has not been revealed by its makers so far.

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Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

Mercedes-AMG GT is a concept car that is designed by the leading designers of the company. It is a four door sedan that is said to be an addition to its AMG hybrid family. The AMG GT concept underlines a new autonomous character with its fine design that demands a second look from car lovers. Since the production of their first ever vehicle in 1906, Mercedes is a leading German Car Brand that is very popular among its customers because of its impressive products.

Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

The exterior of Mercedes-AMG GT is aerodynamically designed that provides an aggressive presence on the road. The lower body size of this sedan, explain its sporty character. The classic Mercedes badge is placed on the vertical ribs grille that is fitted in its front fascia. Large air intakes in its front and rear provide an enhanced balance during the ride. The roof is made with glass that is connected with the wide front wind-shield, which make its drive very pleasant.

The ultra-slim front and rear lights of this car have taken the car concept to an advanced level. The headlamps are integrated with Nano Active Fibre Technology that is used for the first time by Mercedes. The LED daytime running lights and LED rear lights, enhance its safety during the ride. However, two mirror-cams are designed to be placed over the front wheels that have totally changed the concept of side mirrors in the cars.

According to Mercedes, AMG GT comes with a 4.0-litre 8-cylinder engine that is paired with an electric motor and produces 805 horsepower. An electric battery is directly connected to its rear wheels that perfectly manage its all-wheel drive. Through the available three driving modes, electric, gasoline, and combined the driver can get the maximum desired performance.

While talking about the best concept cars, Mercedes-AMG GT concept has taken the motor car concepts to a new level. However, the company has not revealed its technological features, safety features, and price so far.

BMW 328 Homage

BMW 328 Homage is a concept car that is designed to pay homage to its 1930 BMW 328 model. It offers astonishing looks, advanced technologies, and a hybrid engine that is perfectly designed to meet future demands of car lovers. The company was founded in 1916 and has been producing top class vehicles for its customers around the world.

BMW 328 Homage

BMW 328 Homage has got fine lines on its exterior that demands a second look from car enthusiasts. It has a body that is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, which reduces its body weight and delivers an enhanced speed during the ride. It has a low resistance body that maintains its perfect connection with the road. The classic BMW twin-kidney shaped grille is fitted in its front fascia that provides it an impressive road presence. Large air intakes in its front are placed that delivers it an enhanced balance during the ride.

It is a two door coupe that provides sitting to two persons, which explains its sporty stance. The available leather trimmed three-spoke steering wheel is perfectly placed inside the cabin that enables the driver to control the car very easily at high speed. Inside the interior, all elements are placed in a well-mannered way that delivers an aesthetic feeling about it. The available light alloy wheels contain a stunning design that delivers it an enhanced grip on the road.

According to the information provided by BMW, this car comes with a 3.0-litre 6-cylinder hybrid engine that produces 340 horsepower. However, the company has so far not revealed the information about its technological features, safety features, and price level.

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These days, technologically advanced cars that are capable of delivering an enhanced performance, can easily be spotted on roads. A large number of car makers have been producing vehicles that have brought an unimaginable change in the car markets. These latest cars deliver an enhanced performance as compared to their previous models.

Similarly, consumer preferences change with the passage of time. When a company introduces the latest version of a car, it attracts more buyers. Mostly, the concept cars are deigned to meet the changing preferences of car enthusiast that vary from engine to safety and technology.

Designing a concept car does not mean that they will reach their production unit but they provide a concept to the car makers about the latest cars. These above mentioned best concept cars are offering stylish designs, high performing engines, and advanced technologies that the car enthusiasts can dream of. The production of these cars has so far not been materialized, however, once they reach their production units, these cars will surely change the perspective of car markets around the world.