Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin Partner to Nurture a Sport Car Concept

Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin Partner to Nurture a Sport Car Concept

This July, Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing together have launched a road and sport car concept named AM-RB 001. The two well-known brands have joined hands to innovate something extraordinary, so they came up with AM-RB 001 concept. This racing car is the result of an immense vision and unbeatable technology claimed to be never seen before on roads. The technical details of the car have not been revealed as yet.

The Chief Technical Officer of Red Bull Racing briefed that he had a deep wish to design such an advanced road car in collaboration with some automotive manufacturer. He told that Aston Martin was in his top list; because Red Bull Racing could handle the performance aspects of the car while Aston Martin will ensure the design and comfort side. He also said that the main focus was to make AM-RB 001 a true road car with capability of exceptional racing track performance.

On the other side, according to the President and CEO of Aston Martin; AM-RB 001 is a remarkable project which is brought as a joint venture. He also said that it was an extraordinary creative collaboration to had Red Bull Racing and project partner AF racing AG and Adrian Newey working in tandem to bring an exciting prospect into contention of a racing car that could run equally well on roads .

Design Information of New Sports Car Concept

The prototype AM-RB 001 has been built with a light weight carbon fiber and follows aerodynamic design throughout its structure. The down-force in this sport car concept has been maximized by its aerodynamics with elegant design features of traditional Aston Martin cars.

Engine and Power of AM-RB 001

This car with breath-taking design features consists of V12 engine in the mid-mounted position. The strong engine can achieve power equal to the weight ratio i.e. 1 bhp per kilo of weight. In order to handle intense aerodynamic pressure at high speed, the suspension system of this concept comprises of innovative technology. It maintains its balance at high speed and makes it compatible to run on racing tracks along with normal drive. Yes, this car also complies with on-road drive and comfort levels with a clear sheet design transmission. It is an extremely light weight and compact car that offers great space to its occupants.

Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin - Sport Car Concept

Initial Production

This new sport car concept will soon be sent for production. With the innovative collaboration, the initial engineering task is to manufacture between 99-150 units. These units will include all prototypes in which 25 units will be track-only versions. The production will take place at Aston Martin’s Gaydon facility and the first delivery of AM-RB 001 is expected in 2018. We can hope that it would be one of the best concept cars of 2016 in the world.