Most Unusual Concept Cars

Most Unusual Concept Cars that Were Made Over the Years

Concept cars are often manufacturer’s passion projects that have something unique to offer from what is already available in the market. However, some concept cars are a little ambitious and fail to lead to mass production.

Let us have a look at some of the most unusual concept cars that have been showcased over the years and why they could not move any further from being concept cars.

Peugeot Moovie

This car boasts an unusual and unconventional exterior and interior design that does not make it look like a vehicle. The transparent exterior allows the onlookers to see everything that the yellow interior has to offer. The compact two-seater looks like a ride at an amusement park with ratherfragile fittings.

Peugeot Moovie Unusual Concept Cars
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Mercedes-Benz Vision (Tokyo Concept)

The concept vehicle from Mercedes failed to impress with its bizarre design that gave the impression that the vehicle melted and lost its form. The occupants can only enter the vehicle from the left side that has a door. The manufacturer seems to have attempted to come up with a futuristic design but failed to maintain the finesse and elegance that the Mercedes brand upholds with its vehicles. The interior also offered something unusual with its couch-style seats instead of the regular section-based seating configuration.  Overall, the vehicle looks like a giant blob that doesn’t make much sense.

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Suzuki Mobile Terrace

Another vehicle that seems too keen to show what is happening on the inside is this compact coach-style vehicle by Suzuki. The transparent windows of the 5-seater leave nothing to the imagination for the onlookers. There are white door handles on the exterior along with the rest of the exterior. The vehicle looks like a toy car with its unusual tyres and rear taillights. Suzuki Mobile Terrace was revealed at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show.

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Suzuki Q Concept

Another bizarre concept car from Suzuki is this Suzuki Q Concept that looks like a car lifter. The unsettling design is a combination of orange and white along with an elevated driver seat. The vehicle was showcased in 2011 and had a range of 6 miles which is very less.

SUZUKI Q CONCEPT Unusual Concept Cars
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Scion Hako

Showcased at the New York Auto Show, this concept car has a rather odd design with a box-style cabin and hood. The design is unsettling and does not flow well making the aerodynamics of the vehicle questionable.

SCION HAKO Unusual Concept Cars
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Mercedes-Benz SLS E-Cell

Unlike the previous concept car from Mercedes, this is a better-looking all electric car that had the potential to join the league of SLS class. While the design and all-electric eco-friendly appeal of the vehicle is a major plus, the bright yellow color is off brand.

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Trabant NT

This concept car is a remake of the original Trabant which was itself a cheap car that was produced in East Germany. The concept does not offer anything appealing as its design is rather bland with old-school round headlights.

TRABANT NT Unusual Concept Cars
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Lexus LF-SA

The sleek and stylish sedan maker, Lexus also tried their hand at a concept car that had a hideous design. The signature grille on the front was redesigned to look chaotic and squished taking away the grandeur that the original has to offer. The vehicle was compact as it is only 5 inches wide which is small for a brand like Lexus.

LEXUS LF-SA Unusual Concept Cars
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Lexus LF-SA was showcased as part of the 25th anniversary celebration of the brand. The concept was part of the 2015 Geneva auto show which is one of the most prominent auto shows.

Chrysler Atlantic Concept

Showcased in 1995, this concept car was an attempt to revive the classic Bugatti Atlantique from the ‘50s. However, the concept failed to impress with an extremely long front fascia, hideous grille, and round headlights. The design was unsettling, and the interior was not spacious.

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Chrysler Imperial

Another offering by Chrysler is this gigantic concept car that made an appearance in 2006 at the Detroit Auto Show which is again a massive event. Many dubbed this as an attempt to make a vehicle that looked like one of Rolls Royce’s cars. The Chrysler Atlantic Concept was 20 inches long and a half foot tall. Everything about this car was gigantic from the wheels to the rear end.

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Ford Synus

Showcased at the 2005 Detroit auto show, this concept car has a strange exterior design with a vault-like rear with a four-spoke hatch lock. Moreover, there is no window at the rear which can increase difficulty in maneuvering. The vehicle looks like a strange crossover between a security van and a Jeep. Needless to say, it didn’t make the cut but rather stood out as an odd concept vehicle.

FORD SYNUS Unusual Concept Cars
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Aston Martin Lagonda

Ashton Martin is in a league of its own when it comes to luxury cars so it would not be an overstatement to expect something extraordinary from the brand. This concept, however, fails to impress with its oddly designed hood that looks too small for the otherwise big exterior. Aston Martin Lagonda was showcased at the Detroit auto show.

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These 12 concept cars have the most unusual design that makes them unsettling to look at. It is rather surprising that some of the vehicles on the list are from luxury brands that are known for their class and sophisticated design. While concept cars are a great way to experiment with innovation and technology, these cars should not have strayed from a sane-looking exterior design.