Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR – Inspired by the Futuristic Vision

Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR – Inspired by the Futuristic Vision

Over the years, Mercedes-Benz has come up with some inspiring future car models and leading the way for the most exciting innovations in the automobile industry. Mercedes-Benz has recently introduced the idea of a dynamic concept car with a futuristic appeal. With its breathtakingly gorgeous futuristic design, Mercedes Benz – Vision AVTR is among the most-awaited future cars. Mercedes-Benz is famous for manufacturing cars of the future with advanced technologies and innovative eco-friendly features.

This special concept vehicle has taken its inspiration from the 2009 Blockbuster Movie Avatar, offering a new idea of mobility in new future cars. Design-wise, the Mercedes Benz – Vision AVTR is absolutely marvelous, all-thanks to its unique combination of nature, human, and machine. The visually appealing elements have been inspired by the Avatar movie, which is infused into the exterior and interior of the stunning concept car. Additionally, the driving assistance technologies are exceptionally futuristic, that ensure a seamless exhilarating ride for its passengers, listing the vehicle among the best cars in the future.

The underlying theme of the Vision AVTR is related to the preservation of nature, the idea coined in the movie Avatar. As part of the most sought-after future cars, the Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR comes with a design that refers to nature and creatures shown in the 2009 movie.

Looking at its performance, the Vision AVTR offers an organic battery technology that is free from environmentally harmful materials and metals. With such an exceptional eco-friendly solution for running the vehicle, make the AVTR Vision one of the most amazing future car models. This is why, the Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR does not only comes packed with remarkable eco-friendly features, but the advanced concept car has the most inspiring design and fully electric capabilities.

Let’s discuss the design, performance, and other features of one of the best cars of the future, the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR.

Design of the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

The popular German auto manufacturing company, Mercedes-Benz has introduced a completely new design approach for its legendary concept car. The design of the all-new Vision AVTR exudes a futuristic and sleek design that demands a second look from the onlookers. With its distinctive design approach, the Vision AVTR projects a design discipline of the future cars, offering a holistic concept of unique user-experience with its innovative inside-out design structure.

Design of the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR


The design of the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR offers excellence and visionary exposure to the design of the cars in the future, thanks to its organic design language and ‘one bow’ design. There are ‘bionic flaps’ on the rear side of the concept car as the manufacturing company terms it, covered by 33 scales at the rear end. These scales are equipped in the Vision AVTR to serve a purpose for allowing occupants to easily communicate with other people on the outside, and not to only for giving the vehicle an eccentric look merely. One of the most outlandish future car models, the Vision AVTR also comes with completely crystal-clear door shells.

Exterior of the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

The wheels of the iconic concept car are inspired by the thematic design of the Avatar movie, as it comes with special spherical wheels. Additionally, these wheels have LEDs to help them glow and can be rotated so that they could be moved sideways or diagonally, an inspirational technology for future cars.


The uniquely designed, Mercedes-Benz is among the most-awaited cars of the future, offering driverless technology, which is why the car comes with no steering wheel. For interacting with the Vision AVTR, car enthusiasts are required to touch the center console, and then an oval-shaped controller will pop out from there.

Interior of the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

The passenger’s breathing and heart rate will automatically vibrate the seats, making it one of the most anxiously awaited cars in the future. This ground-breaking concept car displays to the occupants what is happening in front of the vehicle and also showing the outside world in real-time 3D graphics. In addition, there many other technologies that include, learning-oriented games for children, the dashboard display would allow parents to keep an eye on their children, and adapting theoretically according to occupants inside.

Vision AVTR Performance

The exquisite concept car has envisioned to offer graphene-based organic battery cells in it, as Mercedes-Benz is committed to reducing the carbon footprints. This vision to manufacture eco-friendly vehicles must also be considered and followed by other future cars.  It has been claimed by the manufacturing company that the battery cells are completely recyclable, with compostable cells, and would not need any earth minerals. The vehicle sets an example for future car models by equipping the Vision AVTR with 110 kilowatt-hours electric motor, producing 469 horsepower and achieving a range of nearly 435 miles. Additionally, it is stated that the battery can be fully charged in less than 15 minutes, making it among the most efficient cars of the future.

Performance of the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

Price of the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

The Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR is a concept car that is inspired by the 2009 movie Avatar, as it comes with exquisite design, a glossy body, and mesmerizing future technologies. The vehicle exudes a futuristic appeal with its driverless technology, graphene-based organic battery cells, and outlandish design. The price of the Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR has not been revealed yet, as the purpose of showing concept cars is to exhibit the advanced technologies considered by the auto manufacturers.