Genesis Mint Concept

Genesis Mint Concept – All-electric Luxury Car with a Futuristic Appeal

The Genesis Mint Concept is one of the best future cars to be designed by the brand, thanks to its innovative appeal and next-generation convenience features. The futuristic vehicle features an all-electric powertrain and has been specifically designed for smooth and comfortable urban commuting. It is a two-door vehicle that has the capacity to accommodate 2 occupants.

The Genesis Mint Concept is a stunning vehicle, both inside and out, that is likely to revolutionize the automotive industry as well as in-city driving in the upcoming years. The exterior design of the concept vehicle is striking and unique with an iconic front fascia and concave rear. The interior of the concept car has been designed while keeping in mind the comfort of the occupants and combining it with modern lifestyle.

The Genesis Mint Concept is an excellent example of innovation and creativity for other cars for the future. The sophisticated blend of premium amenities and high-end in-cabin technologies offers a comfortable and spacious in-cabin experience.

Here is a review of the Genesis Mint Concept with details of its design and a lot more.

Design of the Genesis Mint Concept

Genesis Mint Concept design

The Genesis Mint Concept boasts a versatile and purposeful appeal, all-thanks to its perfectly sculpted exterior and all-luxury interior. The exterior of the futuristic vehicle features a unique front fascia, sharp lines and a low stance. The interior, on the other hand, has been crafted skillfully and is a fine example of attention given to small details.

Exterior Design

The Genesis Mint Concept is one of the best Genesis future cars as it has been designed for easy urban commuting. The small size and progressive design language of the car make it easy for the concept vehicle to blend in with the busy city traffic. The exterior features of the concept car are striking, distinct and make the vehicle a sight to behold.

Genesis Mint Concept exterior

The front fascia of the concept car features a stunning Crest Grille that has small openings for battery cooling function. The grille has been flanked on both sides by uniquely designed Quad Lamps that stretch to the corners and form wraparound light bands. Below the lower bumper is a G-Matrix pattern that is also seen on the wheels. The pattern makes the vehicle aerodynamically efficient and facilitates in maintaining a proper air flow around the battery.  

The rear of the concept car takes cues from the front design and completes a dynamic profile that is unmistakably futuristic. The rear of the Genesis Mint Concept also features Quad Taillamps that fit perfectly well with the overall innovative appeal of the vehicle. The G-Matrix pattern at the front of the vehicle, extends all the way to the rear and highlights the design. The concept vehicle has been finished in Hunter Green matte finish that accentuates its futuristic and prominent design. The minimalistic yet classy appeal of the vehicle is one of the things that makes it one of the best future cars.

Interior Design

The interior of the Genesis Mint Concept has been designed with the aim to embody the urban lifestyle like never before. The cabin of the concept car has been inspired by the Korean tradition of embracing empty spaces. This is why, every inch of the cabin has been purposefully utilized to craft an interior that is all-luxury, spacious and extraordinary.

Genesis Mint Concept interior

The cabin of the Genesis Mint Concept has been laced with premium-quality materials that make it a remarkable example for cars in future. The interior of the concept car has been integrated with cognac leather, lightweight textiles and a lot more.

The interior of the concept car has been designed to offer utmost comfort and spaciousness to the occupants. The cabin comes fitted with mullion-free windows and features G-Matrix pattern on the floor, cargo area and passengers’ compartment. The front of the cabin has been fitted with an oblong steering wheel, which is surrounded by 6 copper Graphic User Interface (GUI) information screens. These screens relay all vital information regarding the individual functions of the vehicle to the driver in real-time. There is a seventh screen mounted on the steering wheel that displays all the primary information of the vehicle within the line of sight of the driver.

Genesis Mint Concept performance

The interior design of the Genesis Mint Concept is minimal and organized that offers a progressive and digital user experience to the occupants. The extraordinary interior design is yet another reason that makes the Genesis Mint Concept one of the best future cars designed for an unprecedented urban commuting experience.

The Genesis Mint Concept comes equipped with a battery-electric powertrain that enables the vehicle to cover approximately 200 miles per full charge. It also has the capacity of fast recharging at 350 kW.

Key Takeaways!

Genesis Mint Concept price

The Genesis Mint Concept is one of the concept vehicles designed by Genesis. The concept vehicle is a futuristic vision of the brand that aims to revolutionize urban commuting. The all-electric powertrain, innovative exterior design and premium interior design are some of the reasons why it is one of the best future cars to come.