Future Luxury Car – The Genesis Essentia All-Electric Concept Revealed

Future Luxury Car – The Genesis Essentia All-Electric Concept Revealed

Genesis revealed the future luxury car, an all-electric Genesis Essentia Concept at the 2018 New York Auto Show. Presenting the luxury and technology with a budget is all Genesis has been planning to do and succeed in presenting it in the form of Essentia.

It is the first attempt by Genesis to enter into concept car making and it has enormously succeeded in giving a long-lasting impression. The Essentia EV Concept has many reasons to be praised and be categorized as an impressive concept as it meets the standards and demands of the EV market.  The all carbon fibre body, monocoque structure and a chassis made from the lightweight material is a successful attempt to keep this vehicle light in weight and good in performance.

Here is an in-depth look at this future luxury car concept by the Genesis and whether it will reach to the production line or not.

Design of Genesis Essentia EV Concept – Future Luxury Car

Powered by a number of electric motors and having the ability to 0 to 60 mph in just 3.0 seconds, the Essetia future luxury car by Genesis has a compelling design as well. This EV concept having a GT-styled cabin, a 50-inch roofline and some notable design highlights have a lot of scope of being one of the best concepts of luxury cars in EV category. The Genesis Essentia is all about technology, connectivity, a new face and interpretation of a two-door Gran Turismo with the power of all-electric motors.

Design of Genesis Essentia EV Concept – Future Luxury Car


The Genesis Essentia EV Concept has a jaw-dropping design and the designers have taken the challenge of designing an EV future luxury car very well. Having an “ideal design” for a luxury concept car, the brand has marked their first achievement. With latest design language and “Athletic Elegance” the Genesis has put forward their best in shape of Essentia EV concept.

Exterior Design of Genesis Essentia EV Concept – Future Luxury Car

The all-electric future luxury car concept has the GT proportions having a dominating front fascia with a long hood line makes the stance more appealing. The upturned flick of a tail on the rear and an aft-leaning cabin enhances the elegance of this concept. A low and wide stance of the Genesis Essentia makes it look more desirable from every angle and increases the charm and refinement of the exterior.

Genesis Essentia has an all carbon fibre body with a Stardust Gray Metallic shade on the exterior that looks very attractive from the very first glance. A brand-centric Crest Grille on front, windshield sweeps down gracefully in an arc looking seamless and having a string carbon fibre chassis and suspension combines the strength and glorious design at one place.

A formula race cars’ inspired nose cone on front and thin intakes on either side of the grille acting as air curtains direct better airflow to the engine and enhances the performance as well. A Genesis’ branded Quad Light structure for enhancing the car’s appearance using the laser optics technology offers a thin headlight.

Functional air vents right behind the front wheel help to reduce overall aerodynamic drag, elegantly curved lines have utility and style both. Paired with butterfly doors, opening up rather than out gives it a more of a supercar like look. Also, the Genesis Essentia is laced with fingerprint recognition and biometric recognition with the help of sensors fitted in B-pillars makes this concept car look more advanced.

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The Genesis Essentia is equipped with an 8.0-inch display right behind the steering wheel and having an impressive interior. The piano black surrounds having a stretched-out digital display mounted high on the rest of the dash looks more utilitarian and classy. A jewel-like central controller for the infotainment gear inputs looks luxurious and keeps the brand philosophy intact.

Interior Design of Genesis Essentia EV Concept – Future Luxury Car

It has 2+2 rear bench seats having Oxford Blue velvet upholstery and a decent amount of trunk space to adjust your luggage. Having a simple design and world-class materials, the Genesis Essentia interior also includes a 3D printed rib structure, a jewel pad in the centre console and quilted leather upholstery with a carbon dash section.

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Performance and Technology

The Genesis Essentia future luxury car is a modern and luxury concept and thus it is loaded and tons of technologies as well. The future luxury car Genesis Essentia’s powertrain consists of a high-density battery pack. The battery pack mounted under the floor sends juice to a number electric motors to make this concept perform. While it also has a low battery pack enabling the Essentia to have 50-inch low roofline.

Performance of Genesis Essentia EV Concept – Future Luxury Car

The electric power enables the Genesis Essentia future luxury concept to reach 60mph in just 3.0 seconds. Not complete powertrain and performance related information have released for this future luxury car. The Genesis Essentia has cutting-edge technologies which are rumoured to be in the production model too.

It has onboard vehicle-to-infrastructure, vehicle-to-vehicle communication equipment, machine learning and latest technologies. The technologies will provide real-time information and advanced driving options like adjusting the seating position, matching the route, chassis settings, powertrain settings, and audio system to provide exceptional driving experience.

Expected Launch of Production Model of Genesis Essentia

Genesis Essentia EV Concept – Future Luxury Car

Genesis was split from Hyundai nameplate almost 3 years ago and has been making the headline with its elegant and luxurious vehicles. The 2018 New York Auto Show saw the unveiling of the Genesis first ever concept, and now the brand is working on a sports car which is expected to hit the market by 2020. There are speculations that the 2020 Genesis Sports car is developed on Genesis Essentia concept but it is not confirmed. Also, the development of this sports car will be handled by the Hyundai’s N performance division. The sports car by Genesis has an Essentia-inspired design with exotic looks, however, it is not confirmed by the brand that the sports car is based on Essentia concept but many can find similarities with the future luxury car concept.