Nissan Concept Cars

Future Concept Cars of Nissan We are Eagerly Waiting For

The future concept cars are greatly admired by car enthusiasts and they wait eagerly for them. The car lovers expect something new and unique from new concept cars and auto makers strive best to fulfill their wish. In the year 2016, many car makers launched amazing concept cars that left the audience spellbound.

In this blog, we shall discuss the top most awaited future concept cars from Nissan.

Titan Warrior Concept

The Titan Warrior concept of Nissan receives much aggressive looks and design patterns than Nissan’s Titan XD version. The company called the Titan Warrior concept vehicle as “Modern Armor”. It receives immense power with a 5-liter V8 Turbo diesel engine with heavy 6-speed Aisin transmission and off-road suspension system. Its body structure has been made stiff and hard making it capable for challenging off-road drives.  It has sharp design edges, hood vents and steal cage. At the rear side, there is quad-tipped exhaust system.

Titan Warrior Concept

Looking inside, the seats of Titan Warrior are covered with high strength fabric that is in carbon color and trimmed with orange accents. Further, the interior surfaces receive carbon fiber, leather with contrasting stitching and polished chrome. The overall interior looks sporty and the steering wheel is made up of single aluminum block.

Nissan Intelligent Driving System Concept

Among the future cars of Nissan, the IDS (Intelligent Drive System) concept follows the future of electric diving. It is designed on the basis of artificial intelligence concept that makes it a self driving car. The body style of this concept car is hatchback and there are 4 book-type style doors in it. It offers two driving modes such as piloted driving mode 1 and 2. In first mode, the vehicle runs at low speed in single lane while the second mode allows a controlled drive at multiple lanes.

Nissan Intelligent Driving System concept

The body structure of IDS concept is made up of carbon fiber and the roof is almost made up of glass.  Looking inside, all four seats of the car are placed towards center angle to facilitate passenger conversation. Further, the car has no fixed center console while the floor of car is flat allowing passengers to place foot in comfortable manner.

Nissan Ellure Concept

The Ellure is a luxury hybrid-sedan concept. It has a beautifully crafted design. The front bumper has low fascia and there is a stylish front grill with air openings. It has elegantly designed aerodynamic features with glass panel roof. There are molded rear view cameras instead of side mirrors. It has 21-inch alloy wheels with low rolling ability. The Ellure has book-type doors.

Nissan Ellure Concept

The Ellure is powered with 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine with a 25 kW electric motor and lithium-ion battery. It delivers excellent performance of 273 horsepower. It has two power sources; the one is electric and the other is gasoline. It offers advanced driving mechanism with electro-hydraulic steering and independent suspension.

The interior of this sedan is quite roomy and uses red, white and black color accents. It adopts eco-friendliness and its white colored dashboard has been tanned by chromium-free process while seats are made up of recycled fibers.

Concept Cars and Future of Cars

The automobile manufacturers have brought innovative technologies and designs in their upcoming cars that portray the future of mobility. So, we find autonomous, electric and self driving concept vehicles in auto shows. Similarly, Nissan also stays ambitious towards future development and we see its remarkable future concept cars which are discussed above. After rigorous phases of thinking, research and development, the concept versions of cars get ready for production and are certainly a fascinating part of auto industry.