Concept Cars – A Review of Top 4 Exceptional Luxury Cars of the Future

Concept Cars – A Review of Top 4 Exceptional Luxury Cars of the Future

Concept cars are designed to offer better stylish designs, innovative technologies and high power engines that are capable of delivering a distinctive performance. Today, a large number of car makers are introducing the best concept cars for the future, however, Harley Earl of General Motors is generally credited to invent motor car concepts and opened this door to innovation.

If one brand is unveiling a hybrid concept car then some other company might be revealing a luxury concept car. As mentioned earlier, these are the cars which are designed to deliver an enhanced performance to meet the future demands as they are very important for the progress of the automotive industry.

Concept car offers and exterior and interior that is made with expensive materials ranging from carbon fibre to refined alloys. They are fitted with high power engines and are offered with advanced technologies that deliver a distinctive performance unlike any production vehicle in the market.

Some companies have introduced concept cars, whose production has been never materialized, for example, Audi, Mercedes, etc. A concept car can be designed, but it is not guaranteed that it will reach its production site in near or far future. However, some car concepts have been produced by car makers that offer an enhanced performance as compared to their other market competitors and more often than not, they do reach the production line-up.

This article will provide a comprehensive review of 4 best concept cars that are not produced yet, but if they reach their production, they will surely change the look of car markets around the world.

Lamborghini Estoque – An Epitome of Concept Cars

Founded in 1963, Lamborghini is a luxury Italian Car Brand that has been producing top class vehicles for its customers. Lamborghini Estoque is a first four door concept car by the company whose production has still not materialized. Currently, Lamborghini has been producing two door sports cars that provide seating to two persons. However, Estoque concept is four door sedan that provides seating to four persons with a front based engine. The car concept of Estoque was first introduced at Paris Motor Show in 2008.

Lamborghini Estoque – An Epitome of Concept Cars

Estoque is a luxury sedan that is capable of delivering an enhanced performance during city rides. It has a unique design that gives this sedan an impressive road presence. The stylish exterior is aerodynamically designed to deliver it an excellent balance during the ride. The large air intakes in its front and wider shoulder design demands a second look from car enthusiasts. The interior is designed to deliver an excellent performance to all four passengers. It is fitted with leather trimmed seats, LCD display, high-quality sound system, and rear seats entertainment system.

Estoque is fitted with a 5.2-litre 10-cylinder engine that delivers maximum power to its all four wheels. This concept car is priced to be around $230,000 by Lamborghini.

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Audi Quattro Concept

While taking about the best concept cars, Audi Quattro is a concept car that is designed to meet the future demands of car customers. Audi is a century old luxury German Car Brand that has been producing the best luxury vehicles for its worldwide customers. The Audi Quattro Four-Wheel Drive System is fitted in this concept car that was revealed at 2010 Paris Motor Show.

Audi Quattro Concept

Audi Quattro is a two-door coupe that offers it an impressive luxury sports car look. It has a very stylish aerodynamically designed exterior that delivers it an aggressive road presence. The body of this concept car has a very light weight because it is a combination of carbon-fibre pieces and Audis’ aluminium space frame technology.

It has an interior that is ergonomically designed with fine materials, which grab the attention of car lovers. The interior offers an ample head-leg room with lightweight fitted seats that makes the drive easy. It has a short wheel base and lightweight body that deliver it an excellent balance and fast speed during the ride on different road conditions.

It has a 2.5-litre engine that produces 402 horsepower and delivers 354 lb-ft of torque to its four wheels. Audi has claimed that this engine enables the coupe to reach 0-62 mph in mere four seconds that makes it very fast sports car to drive. However, Audi has so far not revealed the price of Audi Quattro Concept.         

BMW Gina

Gina stands for ‘Geometry and functions in N adaptations’ is a concept car that is designed by a leading designer team of BMW. Since its foundation in 1916, BMW is regarded very high among its customers because of its efficient performing luxury vehicles. BMW Gina is an epitome of a stylish concept car that offers a unique design and advanced technologies. Its construction started in the year 2001 and so far has not been completed.

BMW Gina

It has a body that is totally covered with fibre, which enables it to deliver a high performance in different weather conditions. It has a very lightweight body that provides it a very fast speed during the ride. Its exterior is aerodynamically designed that is a true example of a future concept car. It has a long bonnet that gives its front a sleek shape. Two-kidney shaped classic BMW grille is fitted in its front that illustrates the design of BMW cars.

BMW Gina is a two-door coupe that gives it an enhanced sports car look. Its low resistance body is designed to deliver it an enhanced performance on the road. The steering wheel is idly placed in its interior and the centre console is fitted with armrest that makes its drive easy. The seats are perfectly placed for the passengers and the headrest rise automatically when they occupied them. All these exciting features of BMW Gina put it into the category of the best concept cars.

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Audi Locus

Audi Locus is a concept car designed by the top Turkish car designer Ugur Sahin. This car has a body character that gives it a continuous flow from the front until the rear. According to its designer, this car has a design that creates a very relaxing, vibrant, energetic, and confident feeling.

Audi Locus

Its front fascia is fitted with the classic Audi grille that gives it an impressive road presence. Large air intakes are fitted with its front bumpers that enable a smooth passage of air around its body, which explain its aerodynamic stance. The sharp edges on its body give it a very bold design that put it being among the best concept cars. The rear section of the car has defined curves and taillights that are designed to avoid any unnecessary details. The twin exhaust pipes are fitted in its rear that provides it a sports car look.

Audi Locus is a two-door coupe and provides seating to two persons. The interior of this concept car is ergonomically designed that makes it a luxury car. The roof of the car has a continuous glass surface that delivers an excellent view of the sky to the passengers during the ride.

Audi Locus has so far not reached its production unit. It has been said that the production of this car will take a long time because its cost is too high.


Different car makers have been introducing vehicles that bring unimaginable change in the car market. Today, technologically advanced cars with stylish designs can easily be spotted on the roads, which deliver an enhanced performance.

When the latest models of cars are introduced in the markets they attract more buyers than their previous models because customers change their preferences with the passage of time. Similarly, car makers are introducing concept cars that are fitted with advanced technologies to meet the demands of their customers and to attract more buyers in the future.

The above mentioned concept cars are offering attractive designs, advanced technologies, and high power engines that will deliver an excellent performance. However, the production of these cars has so far not been materialized because of different constraints, for example, their high prices. But once these concept cars will be introduced, they have the potential to change the perspectives of car markets throughout the world.