Concept Cars: A look at Some Exceptional Cars of the Future

Concept Cars: A look at Some Exceptional Cars of the Future

The automotive sector has transformed a great deal because of the technological advancements portrayed through concept cars. Various ideas have been projected by the renowned car manufacturing brands and the top auto shows around the world do put a significant amount of attention into the concept vehicles. This is so because such cars provide means of defining the future of the automotive sector. A number of concepts revealed through these vehicles have gained remarkable recognition over the recent time because of the tremendous changes they point to that is going to enter the automotive sector.

The most important futuristic technology that can really change the face of automotive world is the driverless automotive technology. Let us have a look at some of the best concept cars.

Fiat Chrysler CES 2017: One of the Most Astonishing Concept Cars

The Fiat Chrysler 2017 is a concept projected recently by Ford Chrysler. Although the exterior has not been able to entice a large number of car enthusiasts, the use of advanced technologies in the interior has left the audience stunned.

Fiat Chrysler CES 2017: One of the Most Astonishing Concept Cars

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Among the new cars and concepts, the Fiat Chrysler 2017 is being regarded as a splendid one because of the enhanced freedom it provides to the occupants. The interior has been created in a way to maximize customization as the floor includes certain options for the seats to be adjusted or removed completely according to the requirements of the occupants.

In addition to that, the use of modern technology to provide a luxurious experience to the occupants is also a prominent feature of the Fiat Chrysler 2017. Beginning from the facial and voice recognition, the latest concept allows you to connect multiple mobiles, laptops, and tablets with your preferred settings being synchronized with the help of facial and voice recognitions.

The synchronization also helps a great deal when the passengers change seats. Moreover, the latest concept has been empowered with autonomous driving which enables it to handle all sorts of automated driving with the expected intrusion from a human driver.

Furthermore, the instrument panel has been made quite aesthetic with the inclusion of an interactive display for the control to be provided to the occupants. A 3d high-mounted display of the size of the instrument panel is designed to maximize the comfort level and eliminate the chance of motion sickness. Therefore, the intensified use of modern technology is being largely appreciated by the car enthusiasts and has made the Fiat Chrysler 2017 one of the top concept cars of the modern era.

Talking about the performance mechanism in place, a Lithium-ion battery enables the Fiat Chrysler 2017 concept to have a tremendous driving range of 250 miles. In addition to that, the battery pack also has the capability of swift charging that can provide an extra 150-mile range within just 20 minutes.

Therefore, the Fiat Chrysler 2017 cannot be regarded as a concept to target a certain age group but it is a masterpiece in the world of concept cars developed by Fiat Chrysler to entertain all age groups.

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Rinspeed Oasis – One of the Best Concept Cars of Modern Times

The Rinspeed Oasis is also one of the prominent concept cars and it was recently displayed at the Consumer Electric Show (CES) 2017. The latest concept is loaded with technological features that provide a lot of customization options to the occupant.

Rinspeed Oasis – One of the Best Concept Cars of Modern Times

The latest concept can be regarded as an innovative one in the automotive sector. This is so because of the inclusion of an app that provides the choice to ride with the person of one’s own liking. Therefore, a lot of car enthusiasts are regarding it as a connectivity app but it is something that entices them a great deal too.

In addition to that, the Rinspeed Oasis also makes you feel like a celebrity as you enter the latest concept. This happens as the passenger opens the door. The car lights presents a welcoming gesture to the occupant which is also a distinctive feature of the latest concept car.

Moreover, a green area has also been included behind the windshield for the radishes to be placed there. The inclusion of this green space is the primary reason behind the name of this modern concept. It also includes a temperature control mechanism so that you may adjust the vents accordingly.

Another distinctive feature of the car is the impressive driver assistance it provides to you. The attractive wide display at the front lets you know about the collision warnings as well as the directional assistance in order to assist the driver in every possible way and it is a major reason for it to be ranked among the prominent concept cars.

The wide screen at the front also includes gesture and voice recognition. Therefore, it can assist you with a lot more ease as well as ensure the provision of a luxurious experience. Talking about infotainment, the display system also makes you able to watch movies and listen to music with complete ease.

Talking about the performance of the Rinspeed Oasis, it can also be regarded as remarkable. The latest concept possesses a top speed of 80 mph whereas it is also capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 9.7 seconds. According to various car enthusiasts, such performance specs along with the enhanced luxury provided by this concept is really something remarkable ranking it among the best concept cars.

Cars and Concepts: Automotive Sector seeing a Complete Transition

The latest advancements in the automotive sector have brought unimaginable changes in it. What is being projected in the modern concept cars seemed impossible a while ago. Keeping the views of the car enthusiasts into consideration, it can be said that the car manufacturing companies are taking the automotive sector to a whole new level with their astonishing concept vehicles.

Car enthusiasts do not limit their choice to a certain aspect of the car. All of them want to have a car that does not only have a scintillating exterior but a luxurious interior as well. In addition to that, the performance of the car in terms of fuel efficiency has always remained a major concern of the buyers.

Considering the future of the automotive sector, it can be said that the best car of the future will be the one having the right combination of performance, elegance, and luxury.