Concept Cars of the Future Revealed at 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show

Concept Cars of the Future Revealed at 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show

IAA, Frankfurt auto show 2017 is one of the famous auto shows and various concept cars of the future were revealed at this auto show. The Frankfurt auto show hits the soil of Germany every year with a full glow, shine, and style. Various companies took the part in the auto show and make it a successful event every year by their supercars, sports cars, and amazing luxurious cars. On the other hand, many famous companies also shine the soil of Frankfurt auto show by their concept cars.

Concept cars of the future are considered to be the catchiest vehicles as they always have a fabulous design along with features and technologies. These future car concepts revealed at one of the famous auto show Frankfurt, have an appealing design and most of the concept vehicles are fully electric vehicles. Here is the review of astonishing and stunning concept cars revealed at the Frankfurt auto show held in September 2017.

Concept Cars of the Future – Mini EV Concept Car

Mini is a group brand of BMW and the Mini revealed its new cars for the future at Frankfurt auto show. Mini is considered to be one of the early pioneers of electric cars and this time Mini revealed its EV Concept car at the auto show. It is a fully electric vehicle that grasps the attention of the people at one of the most famous auto show.

Concept Cars of the Future - Mini EV Concept Car

The design of this vehicle is attractive and the structure of this vehicle is available in grey and yellow color. This color combination makes this vehicle stands out among all other electric vehicles. The roof of the vehicle has a Mini’s signature Hardtop body style and the roof of the vehicle have a nicely blended yellow and white color.

Mini EV concept car is actually a mini car with big features and on the other hand, the structure of this vehicle is made of fiberglass that reduces the weight of this Mini EV concept car and it also increases the aerodynamics of the vehicle. This concept vehicle is a 3 door vehicle, 2 doors at the front and one at the rear end of the vehicle. Mini EV concept car is a fully electric vehicle and it is able to carry 5 passengers.

The front of this concept car is equipped with a grill area and it is more streamlined than before. The amazing lights are the part of the vehicle. LED headlight has a new graphics feature and it is a unique feature that has not been seen before. The rear lights are also fabulous as the two taillights each has one-half of the union jack that uses LED.

It is expected that this Mini EV concept car will hit the roads by 2019 and it will also celebrate the 60th anniversary of Mini.

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Smart Vision EQ Fortwo

Smart vision EQ Fortwo is one of the future car concepts and it is revealed in the latest Frankfurt auto show 2017. The smart vision EQ Fortwo is introduced by the Mercedes Benz parent company Daimler, it is an electric vehicle with no steering wheel and pedals. The Chairman Of Daimler AG’s Board of Management said the concept behind the idea of smart vision EQ Fortwo was that the cars should make use of themselves in the city.

Smart Vision EQ Fortwo

This vehicle will allow the riders to just order and operate the vehicle and the riders will be able to operate this concept vehicle from their smartphones. This concept vehicle will drive at the level 5 and the level 5 is considered to be one of the highest levels on self-driving cars.

This concept car smart vision EQ Fortwo will match the riders from their information on social media including musical preferences, Facebook likes and other profile information. After grasping the information, this concept car will show the paired interests through a digital screen fitted at the front screen. The paired interest can be based on music, a concert attended by both riders and any other mutual information.

The smart vision EQ Fortwo concept car is for two people as also clearly mentioned in the name “Fortwo”, but if there are large number people in the group wants to ride then they can simply order a second car and that will follow the first car. This concept vehicle is fitted with two attached seats, but if two strangers ride in the same vehicle than this concept car gives an option to separate the seats and provide both the strangers a sense of privacy. This concept vehicle cannot be owned by the riders, but they will be allowed to customize this vehicle with the headlights and this customization will help them to identify their vehicle.

This concept car is also featured with a welcoming profile, once you rider in the vehicle it will welcome you by showing your profile picture on the display screen along with the riders favorite places, favorite routes and in-car entertainment that includes music, television, and video games.

If no passenger is riding in the vehicle, then this vehicle will move all by itself and it will help the vehicle to recharge its battery. This concept car is a source of information for other people as well, as it delivers news, sports scores, time and the weather updates on the side panels.

This concept vehicle is able to park itself and it will also pick your kids from the school. The other amazing feature of this vehicle is that it will also help you to make new friends and you have an opportunity to reject or to accept the friends by seeing their profile saved in the digital display.

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Honda Urban EV Concept

New cars for the future also includes a name of Honda urban EV concept and this concept car is revealed by Honda at the Frankfurt auto show 2017. It is a fully electric vehicle introduced by Honda and it has a simple design, but it appeals people because of its features and specifications.

Honda Urban EV Concept

This concept car has an appealing design with style and glow and this electric vehicle is fitted with big tyres that makes this vehicle stands out among all other vehicles and this concept vehicle has no side mirrors.

The cabin of this vehicle is simply an eye-catcher as the wood console is equipped with a large door to door display screen that helps the driver to see behind the vehicle to avoid collision and road accidents. The seats are common in every vehicle, but the Honda replaced the seats with the two bench style seats and it gives a modern couch look to the people.

The concept car by Honda, Honda urban EV concept is considered to be a successful concept vehicle as it has an amazing design with outclass features.

Various concept cars of the future were revealed at the latest Frankfurt auto show 2017. Many famous companies share a stage in this international auto show to reveal their stunning vehicles at this auto show that appeals people. Most of these concept cars are fully electric and are fitted with advanced technological features. The price and launching date of these concept cars are not confirmed yet, but it is expected that the price will be very high and maybe these concept cars will launch in near future.