Anticipation Rises for Mercedes-Benz Concept Pickup

Mercedes-Benz recently confirmed the news of the first-coming of its Pickup Truck. The luxury brand has not yet launched such a heavy vehicle in the market but now it is all set to launch one. The concept pick up in this regard will be revealed in October this year at the Paris Auto Show and the production is expected to start in 2017. Being somewhat new in the industry of big vehicles like a pickup truck, Mercedes will take the fundamental inspiration for its built and design from the Nissan NP300 Navara. The sketch of the concept truck shown last year builds hope around for an efficient first-up Mercedes Pickup.

The company’s aim about concept truck:

The owner of the Mercedes talking about pickup said that the manufacturing of truck will distinguish our identity in this class of vehicles and we will make best efforts to maintain the class, comfort safety and luxury of Mercedes vehicles in our first Pickup Truck. All big brands these days have continually launched their pick-up trucks and Mercedes now wants to profit from the growing market for such heavy vehicles worldwide.

Attributes of the pickup truck:

The pickup truck is set to have the most ideal engine features as of those in the most up to date Pick-up trucks from other companies. It is expected to have a 2.3-litre, turbocharged four cylinder diesel engine capable of producing 188 horsepower. The truck might be named as X-Class but officially no name has been decided yet. The truck is supposed to have multiple variants with different engine capacities for both gasoline and diesel engines. Mercedes is competent in building effective vehicles like Sprinter Van, Unimog, Vaunted G-Wagon but it would be the first experience to manufacture right-hand pickup trucks. Pickup trucks are the profitable vehicle and the market of trucks is competitive and Mercedes knows this fact very well. The reputation of Mercedes supports it to be adaptable and bring new vehicles in the market based on the consumer interest and market demand.