Concept Vehicles by Genesis

4 Top-of-the-line Concept Vehicles by Genesis

Top automakers all around the world are launching concept cars to introduce the latest automotive technologies and futuristic designs. The latest line of concept cars from the popular South Korean car brand, Genesis, has thrilled car enthusiasts and industry experts alike. These Genesis concept cars have been introduced at various motor shows to exhibit new technologies, performance features and new styling.

Some of the best Genesis concept vehicles include Genesis X Concept, Genesis Mint Coupe, Genesis Essentia Concept and Genesis GV80 concept. These top-of-the-line concept cars from popular South Korean automakers are packed with cutting-edge technologies of the future. With unique designs and outstanding performance capabilities, the Genesis concepts cars are effortlessly turning everyone’s heads. The remarkable concept vehicles from Genesis are ready to take the auto industry by storm as they enter the production line.

Let’s have a look at some of the top-of-the-line concept cars by Genesis that are the epitome of future technologies and innovation.

Genesis X Concept

The Genesis X Concept is the fifth concept car from the South Korean car brand after the Essentia, Mont and GV80 concepts. The Genesis X Concept has epitomized the brand’s sustainable luxury car design but with a new take. This all-new vehicle is a high-performance GT that has maximized the use of the signature Two Lines design element. Genesis is known for its Two Lines theme that is featured in its concept vehicles. Similarly, the Genesis X Concept features the Two Lines theme throughout its exterior and interior. The Two Lines theme has been embodying the design language of the future Genesis concept cars. The name ‘Genesis X Concept’ itself symbolizes a “hidden hero” as ‘Genesis X’ is a combination of Genesis, and the letter X means hidden hero.


The advanced concept car is the ultimate vision of the inherent design language and Athletic Elegance of Genesis. Genesis seeks to adopt sustainable luxury and signature Two Lines theme to enhance their futuristic designs, and cutting-edge technologies to take innovation in the auto industry to the next level. Genesis has showcased the design philosophy of the Genesis X Concept so far and there is no other information provided regarding its performance capabilities, battery, driving range, etc.

Genesis Mint Coupe

With its next-generation convenience features and innovative appeal, the Genesis Mint Concept Coupe is one of the best future cars to be designed by the South Korean car manufacturer. This Genesis futuristic Coupe has been specifically designed for smooth and comfortable urban commuting, all thanks to its all-electric powertrain. The Genesis Mint Concept Coupe can accommodate two occupants and it is a two-door concept car.

Genesis Mint

The all-new Genesis Coupe features a unique signature design on the exterior and interior that is set to revolutionize the urban commuting and automotive industry. The unique and stunning exterior design elements of the Genesis Mint Coupe include striking front fascia and concave rear. On the inside, the concept car has been laced with advanced technologies and in-cabin amenities to balance the occupant’s comfort and modern lifestyle.

The Genesis Coupe has been packed with a battery-electric powertrain that enables the concept car drive range to cover about 200 miles per full charge. Among the best concept cars from Genesis has the capacity to recharge quickly at 350 kW.

Genesis Essentia Concept

This top-of-the-line concept car by Genesis is an all-electric concept sports coupe that features striking signature design elements. The Genesis Essentia Concept was built and showcased in 2018 at the New York International Auto Show. Since then, car enthusiasts have been anticipating the official launch of the advanced Genesis concept vehicle.

The Genesis Essentia Concept features notable design elements such as a 50-inch roofline and GT-styled cabin. This futurists concept car by Genesis sets new marks for automotive technologies with its multiple electric motors, state-of-the-art technologies and two-door Gran Turismo.

Genesis Essentia Concept

The Genesis Essentia Concept is a two-door sports concept vehicle that boasts an aggressive appeal with its top-of-the-line premium amenities and iconic design. The all-new sports coupe has been packed with electric batteries to deliver a high-performance and excellent driving range. The vehicle is capable of delivering to 0 to 60 mph in just 3.0 seconds, which is powered by several electric motors.

Genesis GV80 Concept

The Genesis GV80 Concept has been among the most awaited concept cars that are set for an official launch. The all-new concept car by Genesis is the first SUV from the South Korean automaker that is predicted to hit the car market by storm. The Genesis GV80 Concept is a powerful SUV that has been packed with a multitude of advanced safety features, technologies, and a Twin Turbo engine.


The signature design of the latest Genesis SUV shows the marvel and sophisticated craftsmanship, all thanks to the bold body proportions and large dominating front grille. The exterior of the Genesis GV80 Concept features a sharp character line, advanced headlight system and beautifully sculpted hood. On the other hand, the interior exudes a luxury appeal that comes with a wide range of in-cabin technologies, luxurious amenities and several convenience features.

The Genesis GV80 Concept is one of the safest concept cars in the market that features a variety of driver-assistance systems, and the latest safety technologies. The all-powerful Genesis SUV offers a standard rear-wheel drive system and an optional all-wheel-drive system. In addition, the high-performance vehicle also has two engine options that include a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine and a 3.5-liter twin-turbo engine.

Final Takeaway

Concept cars are manufactured by popular automakers to showcase the latest automotive technologies and futuristic designs. All the aforementioned concept cars have been showcased by the South Korean car brand at various international motor shows. The top-of-the-line concept cars by Genesis have been appreciated by car enthusiasts and they anticipate their official launch. These advanced concept cars are yet to enter into the production line. Therefore, car enthusiasts have to wait a little longer as Genesis continues to bring innovation, unique styling and automotive technologies in the automotive industry. Car enthusiasts who are looking for buying one of the latest concept cars in the UAE can easily upgrade their lifestyle by replacing their old car and buying a new one on a reliable online marketplace.