2016 Concept Cars: A Glimpse at BMW 2002 Hommage

2016 Concept Cars: A Glimpse at BMW 2002 Hommage

2016 concept cars are innovative sedans, coupes and SUVs models. The launch of concept cars and their impressive features brings great excitement among car enthusiasts. In 2016, we saw impressive future concept cars that are developed with the mission to reshape mobility means.

BMW is a legendary car maker and its concept cars focus on pioneer designing and technological aspects. While talking about the classic concept cars 2016, we find an innovative 2002 Hommage concept by BMW. BMW has based the design of 2002 Hommage on its previous 2002 Turbo car.

Looking at its exterior, you will also find a similarity with the design of BMW M2, but the interior modifications and performance upgrades set it apart from other BMW models.

Let’s take a look at 2002 Hommage which is one of the most appealing 2016 concept cars.

2016 Concept Cars: BMW 2002 Hommage Design

The concept car 2002 Hommage follows the design tradition of BMW with a shark nose front. With its bold and classic design, it stays remarkable among other 2016 concept cars. The front and rear large spoilers, low profile and short overhands enhance the airflow and provide great speed to the car.

2016 Concept Cars: BMW 2002 Hommage Design

You will find an innovative use of carbon fiber at various places while the aerodynamic design with Space Race Metal paint reflects its sportiness. The exterior light blue metallic color makes it look appealing for the race car lovers.

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Interior of the Car

While BMW has not revealed interior details of this concept car, we can expect an updated cabin similar to M2 car. The inside of M2 looks comfortable, while the use of premium material and refined stitching makes it more luxurious. Thus, we can anticipate a luxurious compartment equipped with latest technological features for 2002 Hommage car.

What Does BMW 2002 Hommage Recall

BMW continues to make new design experiments with its sport car concept and other vehicles. Looking at 2002 Hommage, it recalls the classic cars design, while BMW developed the car with the same vision. The concept car 2002 Hommage carries the traditional design of classic cars, but delivers more powerful ride with its remarkable innovations. The idea to follow the design of 2002 Turbo is unique and BMW has adopted it.

BMW 2002 Hommage Recall

This coupe concept carries great significance in the 2016 concept cars lineup of BMW. It is meant to become a perfect choice for the classic car lovers. You will find many concept cars for sale in the market, but let’s see if 2002 Hommage equally impress the fans of the classic cars concept or not.